Department of Electronics & Communication

The department of Electronics and Communication has been started since the establishment of the Institution. It offers the three years diploma programmes to meet the requirement of the Industry, Community and its stake holders. The Department has got adequate infrastructural and human resources facilities. It has well equipped labs and workshops. All the labs have Latest equipment and students are given adequate training in the Labs and Workshops. The Department has Software /LR centre to utilise the High tech Simulation Software's and Virtual Lab facilities.

The different labs in the Department are:

1 Software Lab
2 Digital & Microprocessor Lab
3 Electrical Machine Lab
4 Basics Electrical and Electronics Lab
5 Power Electronics Lab
6 NFTL Lab
7 Communication Lab
8 Microcontroller and PLC Lab
9 PCB Lab
10 Electronics Devices & Circuits(EDC)
11 Physics Lab

The Workshops available in the Department are:

1. Electrical Workshop
2. Electronics Workshop
3. Mechanical Workshop.

Diploma Programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering
(For the State of J&K)

Salient Features

Name of the Programme Diploma Programme in Electronics and
Communication Engineering
Duration of the Programme Three years (6 semester)
Entry Qualification Matriculation or equivalent as prescribed by
Board of Technical Education, J&K
Intake 30
Pattern of the Programme Semester Pattern
Ratio between theory and Practice
45 : 55(Approx)
Industrial Training A minimum duration of six weeks of industrial training is included after 4th semester during summer vacation. An Internal assessment out of 50 marks and an external assessment out of another 50 marks have been added in 5th semester. Total marks allotted to industrial training will be 100.
Distribution of Marks Daily diary and reports of training - 50 Marks
Viva Voce - 50 Marks
Ecology and Environment As per directives of Government of India directives, an awareness camp on Ecology and Environment has been incorporated during second semester.
Entrepreneurship Development An Entrepreneurial Awareness Camp and a full subject on Generic Skills and Entrepreneurship Development have been incorporated in the scheme.
Personality Development A camp focusing on personality development of students has been incorporated in the fifth semester. There will be assessment under SCA.
Student Centred Activities A provision of 3-4 hrs per week has been made for organizing Student Centred Activities for overall personality development of students. Such activities will comprise of co–curricular activities activities like extension lectures, library studies, games, hobby clubs e.g. photography, painting, singing, seminars, declamation contests, educational field visits, N.C.C., NSS, Cultural Activities, Civil Defence/ Disaster Management activities etc.


Employment Opportunities and Activity Profile of
Diploma Holders in Electronics and Communication Engineering

An exercise, to have first hand information about employment opportunities and activity profile of diploma engineers in the field of electronics, was done by Curriculum Development Centre of National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Chandigarh. The feedback from industries and other organizations has revealed that diploma holders in Electronics and Communication Engineering find employment in the following organizations:

Employment Opportunities

Various Departments/ organizations/boards and corporations

  1. Tele-Communication Engineering and related Department
  2. AIR, Doordarshan,
  3. Overseas Communication,
  4. Mine Communication,
  5. Radar and Wireless,
  6. Railways,
  7. Defence Services, Para-military Forces and Police
  8. Civil Aviation
  9. Defence Research and Development Organizations (DRDO)
  10. Electricity Boards and Corporations etc.
  11. Engineering Institutions
  12. Research and Development Deptt.
  13. Maintenance Department.
  14. Airport Authority of India (Airports)


  1. Communication Industry manufacturing wireless mobile equipment for defence and Paramilitary forces
  2. PCB Design and Fabrication Industry
  3. Consumer Electronics Industry
  4. Electronic Components and Devices Manufacturing and Installation Organizations
  5. Computer Assembling and Computer Peripheral Industry;
  6. Computer Software Areas for Electronic Design and Semi Conductor

Manufacturing Industry

  1. Instrumentation and Control Industries
  2. Internet Server Provides
  3. Food Product Industries
  4. Construction Industries
  5. Agro and dairy Industry
  6. Public Sector Undertakings ( like BHEL,BEL, HAL, etc)
  7. D.T.H component and Fabrication factory
  8. Mobile Phone assembly Industries
  9. Medical Electronics Industry
  10. EPABX/ Telephone Exchange Manufacturing Industries
  11. Computer Software Areas for Electronic Design and Semi Conductor Manufacturing Industry
  12. Computer Assembling and Computer Peripheral Industry;
  13. Automobile Industry
  14. Automation and Control Industry (viz bottling plant, cement plant, automobile units, escalators etc.

Development/Testing Laboratories/Organizations

  1. Electronics Service Centres
  2. Opto Electronics (Medical & Comm.)
  3. Computer Networking
  4. Hospitals
  5. Educational Institutions (Engineering Institutes, ITIs, Vocational Schools etc)
  6. Sales and Services of Electronic Gadgets from Small Scale Industries
  7. Call Centres

Self Employment

  • Marketing and Sales (Distributors - whole sale and retailers)
  • Service Sector( repair and Maintenance; job work)
  • Cable laying and jointing DBs etc.
  • Preparing Simulated Models
  • Manufacturing Unit (e.g.- Bulb manufacturing, chalk manufacturing, circuit manufacturing units etc)

Job/Activity Profile

The diploma holders in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) generally get employed in manufacturing, assembly industries of consumer electronics, manufacturing of wireless equipment, Doordashan and All India Radio (AIR), defence organizations, marketing and servicing organizations. Some of the activities they perform are listed below:

  1. Reading, interpreting and preparing drawings and circuits in electronics and related fields
  2. Supervising the fabrication and assembly work at sub-assembly and final assembly
  3. Selecting components and devices for simple applications
  4. Testing the materials used in assembly work.
  5. Assisting the engineer in quality control of the product being assembled or manufactured
  6. Operating, recording and display equipment in AIR/Doordarshan, satellite stations and studios
  7. Supervising of the fabrication and assembly work of trans-receivers and walkie-talkie used for police wireless, mines communication and defence services
  8. Operation, testing and maintenance of radar equipment used in defence services
  9. Preparing estimates for different jobs of installation and maintenance
  10. Assistance to the engineers/scientist doing research/development work by fabricating and testing different electronic circuits
  11. Operates, maintains and tests computer and computer peripheral equipment
  12. Supervising the assembly and testing work in computer industry
  13. Operates wireless/ radar in defence services
  14. Assists in firing and maintenance of guided weapons and launching equipment
  15. As a self employed person he/she has to use multifarious activities such as designing PCBs, procuring raw material and components, assemble, manufacture, repair and maintenance, testing and fault diagnosis, sale and service, marketing etc.
  16. Customer care service (BPOs etc)
  17. As Internet service providers for LAN, WAN, VPN, and Internet. Configuration of Routers, Firewall, ATMs, L-3- switches Voip etc.