Government Polytechnic for Women, Jammu, established by the State Government of Jammu and Kashmir, provides flexible and Need-based Technical Education for women, through quality Diploma Programmes in specific areas of Engineering and Technology to meet the human resource development needs of industry and business.

It aspires to become a leader in Technical Education in the disciplines of Electronic and Communication Engineering and Computer Engineering.

The institution aims to achieve its mission by,

  • Ensuring that its curricula and syllabi of all of its programmes exactly meet the needs of industry
  • Providing support to the industry by way of throwing open the facilities and expertise of the institute through training, undertaking specific projects, repair and maintenance of equipment and making industry an equal partner in all activities of training and retraining
  • Enhancing student placement and providing career guidance services
  • Facilitating the development of entrepreneurs
  • Establishing extension centres of the Community Polytechnic Scheme to facilitate transfer of technology to the rural people, especially women
  • Establishing a Production Centre for the manufacture of electrical / electronic components/goods that are in demand in the society
  • Providing need-based training and development opportunities for all categories of staff
  • Adopting a professional and participatory type of management
  • Demonstrating our concern for the environment in visible ways through active participation of all students, especially the NSS volunteers the institute.

Our core values are,

  • Equity
  • Team spirit
  • Transparency
  • Commitment to high quality education and training
  • Spontaneity in responding to the needs of our stakeholders
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Development of student attitude, behaviour and personality in addition to technical competencies.